Backflow Testing: The Simplest Solution to Prevent Drinking Water Contamination

Homeowners often need the services of qualified Bill Fenwick Plumbing professionals to perform backflow testing to ensure that the home drinking water remains uncontaminated and safe to consume. An unexpected backflow can occur when the home’s plumbing system experiences some type of negative pressure where the water in the line will flow in the reverse direction.

When this occurs, many harmful contaminants, pesticides, chlorine and fertilizer have the potential to invade the structure’s clean, safe water supply. Many homes and businesses can experience a backflow of water if the entire water system is tied to an in-ground swimming pool or landscaping irrigation system.

Preventing backflow issues is serious, and requires experienced Bill Fenwick Plumbing professionals that have the skills and the necessary tools. It requires the installation of a backflow prevention valve system with annual testing to ensure it is continuously working properly. A backflow prevention valve is critical to maintaining safe drinking water in the home or office. Without it, anyone that comes in contact with the contaminated water can suffer serious consequences that include illnesses and disease.

Contaminated Water Is Highly Unsafe

Many times, when a backflow prevention valve system is not operating properly, or has not been installed at all, contaminated water can easily reverse and flow backwards into a clean water system. If the compromised clean water is used for bathing, drinking, fire sprinklers and other components, in both commercial and residential systems, people and pets can become very ill. Without proper maintenance, any broken backflow prevention valve system can dramatically affect the safety and health of everyone that comes in contact with the contaminated water.

Over time, any backflow prevention valve can deteriorate or break down, and will need to be repaired or replaced by a competent licensed plumbing specialist. Typically, it is recommended that an annual test be made to ensure there is no issue with the backflow prevention valve.

Testing Is Required

A backflow prevention valve is a mechanical device. It only allows water to flow in one direction – into the structure – and eliminates the potential of a backflow or reverse pressure. Testing by a licensed plumber is the only sure way to know that the backflow prevention valve is operating correctly, and that the water supply within the structure has not been contaminated with any type of wastewater or irrigation water.

Backflow testing is a very simple process that only takes a short time to complete. When performed by a Bill Fenwick plumber, the homeowner or business owner can be assured that the serious problem of water contamination is avoided. The system is designed with test ports that are crafted directly into the mechanical device, making it extremely easy to perform the annual test. However, the testing should only be performed by a certified and trained plumbing professional with the right tools.

Available Backflow Prevention Assemblies

A licensed plumber can install a variety of backflow prevention valve solutions for both residential and commercial properties. These include a gravity pop-up valve, a self-locking valve, spring-loaded valves, and even those that resemble a mushroom. The style, shape and functionality that provide the best results will depend highly on the local building codes where the structure resides.

In many communities, preventing backflow is a mandatory requirement for both residences and commercial businesses, that must be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor. In many communities, this is the only way to be sure that the drinking, bathing and cooking water is free from any contaminants including pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and microorganisms. In cases where the contamination has flowed backwards into the clean drinking water, the results can be extremely hazardous, and at times, fatal.

Because of that, it is imperative that an effective backflow protection device is installed by a Bill Fenwick Plumbing professional to ensure its operating correctly. This is the only way to avoid dangerous consequences to anyone that drinks or bathes in the water.

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