Bathroom remodeling has become one of the most widespread areas of the home to remodel. Mainly because older houses were nothing like they are today. Many of them did not even come equipped with showers; instead they just had bath tubs. Maybe you just want to make your bathroom more comfortable, or maybe you have a small emergency issue that needs to be addressed. Whatever reason you choose for remodeling your bathroom, get the most out of your remodeling efforts by getting advice from professional Jacksonville plumbers.

Basic Remodeling

Busted pipes are a common occurrence that will need emergency attention. Some steps that you will need to take right away to make sure the water does not damage more than it already has:

  • Turn off water immediately. busted pipe
  • Turn your electricity off as well. This will prevent the water from ruining your electrical wiring and circuitry.
  • Now you can start cleaning up while you wait for your plumber and/or electrician to come.

After you have gotten your busted pipes under control it may be time to plan on re-piping your bathroom. Note: Busted pipes are not the only reason to have to re-pipe. You may just have bad pipes or fittings which will require you to have to either bypass or completely replace all of the piping in your bathroom. Re-piping is the only way to fix any problem permanently, if you do not re-pipe, you will have the same issues over and over.

Having to replace tiling is also one of the issues people face that will need some basic remodeling. This is a minor and fairly easy task to complete, and changing your tile can have a dramatic effect on your bathroom. Changing your bathroom from ceramic tile to one of the many different types of natural stone can change the whole tone of your bathroom. What type of tiling you should choose will depend on what type of shower is in your bathroom already or what type you will decide to have installed. Mainly, if you have a steam shower you should never use natural stone. The steam from the shower will most likely cause algae inside of the stone causing a whole new problem.

Complete Bathroom Remodeling

You may want to completely remodel your entire bathroom from top to bottom. The good part about this is that you can be the architect and let the professional Jacksonville plumbers know exactly how you dreamed of having your bathroom look. Many factors should be considered and discussed with your plumber beforehand to ensure that your bathroom is just like you imagined.

  • First and foremost you will need to decide how much you wish to spend on the entire project. Contact your Jacksonville plumbers to get a quote and take it from there.
  • Since you are completely remodeling your bathroom, it is important to basically start over. You will want to get rid of everything and start from scratch, so there are no issues underneath that you will not be able to notice on the surface.
  • Now the fun part is to discuss the design and how you want your bathroom to look and feel. This is the time to discuss what type of shower, bath, sinks, or toilet you want. Do you want a modern feel, a futuristic feel, or that good old fashioned feel to your bathroom? It is your bathroom, so it is your job to decide what you like.
  • You will also want to design your cabinets and shelving space. Your contractor will give you suggestions as to what’s best, but the final say in the design is up to you.
  • Lighting doesn’t seem like a big decision, but the lighting designs you choose can drastically add or detract from your remodeling job. Nobody wants too bright of a bathroom or too dull of a bathroom, so the perfect lighting scheme can complement the remodeling process perfectly.
  • After the main components of the bathroom are decided, it will be time to go over any accessories you would like to add as well as the ventilation system. Once this is all done it will be time for the big clean up and enjoying your newly remodeled bathroom.

It is common to become frustrated when faced with an emergency plumbing situation, or when deciding to remodel your entire bathroom. The professional Jacksonville plumbers are here to make your life easier 24 hours a day.