Injuries in the home occur most often in the bathroom. The percentages are especially high regarding safety with the elderly. Slips and falls are the most common types of injuries. There are several things you can do to improve upon your bathroom so that it is safer environment for your loved ones. Luckily, a bathroom remodel in Jacksonville, Florida is relatively affordable and easy to accomplish.

Installing a Grab Bar and a Shower Seat

This is probably one of the most important safety features to have in a bathroom when there is an elderly person sharing your home. When a person ages, their balance can sometimes come and go, leaving them vulnerable to falling, and, inside a shower, the damage from a fall can be major. Installing a grab bar can help prevent your loved one from falling by allowing them support when they need it. Placing one near or around the bathtub can help the elderly individual climb into and out of the tub. You can also place one near the shower head or higher up on the wall across from the shower curtain if the tub is built into the wall.

Installing a shower seat is a great asset to any safe bathroom. This allows an older adult to sit while showering. More importantly these seats are a must-have for adults with balance issues. There are many different colors and styles of shower seats available.

Rubber Non-Slip Mats

These are essential for any bathroom where an elderly individual or small children will be present. Soapy water flowing along the bottom of a shower or tub can create a highly slippery surface. Rubber mats allow traction, which will greatly reduce the chance of a fall. Suction cups line the bottom of the rubber mats; plus, they are usually mold and mildew resistant, making them both low cost and low maintenance.

Special-Height Toilet

Most of the elderly have an especially difficult time rising from a sitting position. Installing a special-height toilet that sits about five to seven inches higher up than a normal one is essential for making your bathroom safer because it decreases the distance the elderly individual needs to rise to a standing position. A plumber can easily install one of these special toilets, but, if this is too costly, there are two other options to increase the height of the toilet you already have.

Another option is to add an adjustable toilet seat which adds about three to six inches of additional height. These usually are made with a supportive bar on either side to help your loved one stand more securely. You can also use a molded plastic seat which adds about the same amount of height as an adjustable toilet seat.

Remove Rugs

Many people enjoy stepping out onto a soft surface when they exit the shower or tub. They’re soft and absorb some of the water from feet as you stand to dry off. In actuality, though, these mats are a huge safety hazard, especially to the elderly. The soft backing on them makes them slippery when wet. If you must have a rug in the bathroom, make sure it has a rubber backing on it to add traction.


While the above suggestions are all a good starting place to create a safer bathroom remodel in Jacksonville, Florida for your loved one, also consider the importance of lighting, as this can sometimes present a problem for an aging adult, especially if there is damaged vision or some degree of vision loss. If your loved one wakes in the middle of the night, be sure to create a clear path for them with adequate lightening to enter and exit the bathroom.

A bathroom remodel in Jacksonville, Florida doesn’t have to be expensive, but as with any other home remodel it can be. Explore your options and your budget. Makes sure you have a little extra money set aside in case of any unforeseen issues. Remodeling a bathroom adds great value to a home and you know your loved one’s safety is worth the cost.