When it comes to having work done on their plumbing, Jacksonville, FL residents often worry about having to spend a lot of money on costly repairs. That’s why it’s so important to have your home checked for potential problems before they become major issues.

Why should you schedule a whole-house plumbing inspection?

While no one enjoys spending money on plumbing, Jacksonville, FL residents can save themselves a lot of money by using a little preventative care to prevent huge repair costs later on. If you have a professional plumber give your home a whole-house plumbing inspection, your plumbing can receive the exact care it needs for a longer and more efficient life.

A whole-house plumbing inspection is a particularly good idea if you’re about to buy a home, because it’s a very small investment to ensure the overall health of the entire plumbing system. This means you’ll have a better idea of what you’re getting into before you buy, and will better be able to avoid running into serious hidden costs down the road.

What will a whole-house plumbing inspection do for your home?

A whole-house plumbing inspection will check all of the pipes in your home for leaks. This is a common area of plumbing  where Jacksonville FL residents can lose a lot money if it’s going unchecked. Whether there are many leaks or just a few, and whether they’re at a slow drip or a steady flow, when there’s damage to your pipes and it’s going unnoticed, those leaks are giving you higher water bills. Fixing leaks saves water and money, but you have to find them first, and a whole-house plumbing inspection will do exactly that.

Your home’s water pressure will be checked to make sure it’s at an optimal level, not too low or too high. If your water pressure is off, it needs to be corrected quickly because it can be putting too much of a demand on your plumbing system, which can easily lead to serious (and expensive) damage.

An inspection will also tell you if thermal expansion tanks are needed or working properly if they’re already installed, to keep your plumbing system safe.

The health and safety of your home’s entire plumbing system will also be checked during a whole-house plumbing inspection. Your health and safety is the top priority, so it’s important that your water heater, miscellaneous plumbing fixtures, and the piping in your home is all in good working order. It’s also important to check that there aren’t faulty materials in any part of your plumbing system, and that your home’s ventilation is working properly.

Toilets with defective parts or toilets that are suffering from deterioration can cause serious damage to your home if they are not repaired or replaced, so the toilets in your home are an important part of your whole-house plumbing inspection.

Relief valves will also need to be checked to ensure that you have the correct type and that they are installed correctly, because your water heater can actually burst if this safety system is not working properly.

You can find out if you have any water damage in your home that’s been going unnoticed, where the water damage is located, and how serious the damage is. The professional who provides your whole-house plumbing inspection can give you information about what’s causing the water damage, what’s needed to get the problem fixed so you can prevent the water damage from spreading, and what will be required to fix or restore the materials that have been damaged.

A whole-house plumbing inspection will also provide you with a list of what things in your home are working properly, what things are going to need repaired or replaced soon, and what things you might want to considering upgrading.

You can also ask the professional who is providing your whole-house plumping inspection about any of your concerns, like the most common reasons of emergency calls for plumbing Jacksonville FL and unusual items that can cause clogs, so you can avoid making mistakes that will damage your plumbing.

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