Commercial Sinks

If you own a restaurant and need to get your drain system up to code with grease traps, 3-bin sinks or a dish washing machine, Bill Fenwick plumbing is the experienced plumber you can count on for the job. If you are a food processor using a high volume of water and need adequate floor drains, screens, or drain tables that go with large stainless steel sinks, we can help.

Truth is, the needs of commercial plumbing are as varied as the industries that need it. Some of the pipe work that goes along with commercial work is only available from commercially trained plumbers that know the techniques involved in braising large pipe.

For drains, inside or out, the commercial plumbing volumes are usually larger and require different equipment and techniques. A fully qualified commercial plumber must log as many hours in commercial training as they do in residential plumbing because the nature of the two disciplines is so different.

Repairing an ice bin in a bar is almost as complicated a job as repairing a sump in a floor or scuppers in a roof. All are basically basins that will eventually drain, yet all use different methods. Another reason commercial plumbing is so hard is because it involves a working knowledge of many types of industries.

Contact our commercial installation specialists in Jacksonville, Florida, today to receive a quote for commercial sink installations that will leave your kitchen and your staff more efficient.

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