Drain Repair and Installation: The Necessity of Using a Licensed Bill Fenwick Plumbing Professional

Damage to drainpipes and sewer lines creates some of the most annoying situations that can happen in the home. Whether it is something as simple as a clogged drain below the sink, a blocked shower drain or toilet that keeps backing up, these problems typically happen at the worst time possible. Bill Fenwick Plumbing professionals are often called to handle a drain repair or new drain line installation on a variety of components in the home. We have the tools, technicians and all equipment necessary to handle any type of plumbing drain situation. Experienced plumbers can handle a variety of drain repairs and installation. These include fixing, installing or repairing:
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Water Heaters
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Water Softeners
  • Backflow Regulators
  • Pumps
At Bill Fenwick, our plumbers are always available around-the-clock, because drain blockages happen anytime, night or day. Many times, our plumbers use drainage pipe cameras as a way to isolate the problem and find the exact location of the blockage behind the walls, or under the foundation of the structure. The camera on wheels allows the opportunity for the plumber to identify the problem by visually locating it to determine exactly what might be causing the issue.

Installing a New Drain

Sometimes, the drain in the home has been damaged too much by tree roots or other outside forces and needs to be removed and replaced. New installation of a drainage pipe requires experience and skill to ensure it flows properly on its own. There are specific reasons to use a licensed, competent plumber that include:
  • Faster Installation – Our licensed plumbers can turn a challenging problem into a quick project. They can easily locate the issues with the drain lines that take away water from showers, dishwashers, toilets, or other components in the house. They will have the right tools and skills necessary to quickly remove the damaged drain and install new piping at the proper angle to ensure the wastewater flows away naturally on its own, using gravity.
  • Quality Results – The drainage pipes within the home operate properly because the complex system is designed to use both pressure and gravity to move the waste products to the sewer or septic tank, without the use of mechanics. Any drainage system that has been compromised through damage, or simply through poor installation practices, could cause the entire system in the home to back up. Only through proper installation at the correct angle can a homeowner be assured that the sewer system of the home is operating effectively, as designed.
  • Improved Interior Air Quality – If the drainage pipe is not installed or repaired properly, it is very easy for foul-smelling odors from the sewer to back up into the home. Properly installed drains block the ability for sewer gases to back up through the drain lines into the home, which will improve the air quality in the interior of the house.
No one likes the idea of sewage backing up into the home, which is often a common problem with sewer lines and drainage pipes that have become blocked or plugged with debris, hair, sewage, grease and other components. To minimize the potential of a clogged drain in the home, or significant damage to drainage pipes, never pour hot or cold grease down any drain in the home. Avoid pouring paints, varnishes, lacquers or other potentially hazardous materials into the drainage system. It is imperative to prevent anyone from flushing diapers, baby wipes, product wrappers or any other type of trash down the drain. Always use some type of strainer over an open drain line to catch hair and soap from entering the system. Whenever there is a plumbing issue, be sure and call a licensed Bill Fenwick Plumbing professional plumber to remedy the problem.
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