Floridians are not exempt from frozen pipes.

Though Floridians enjoy warmer weather than residents of most other states, they are not without their fair share of cooler weather days. In fact, they must do a bit of preparing for the inevitable colder days. When temperatures dip into the lower digits, residents of Jacksonville and other Florida cities must be prepared to keep their plumbing pipes from freezing.

Using facts found through reliable resources, such as those found on the websites or blogs of reliable 24 hr Plumbers Jacksonville homeowners can prevent their pipes from freezing. Water has a property in it that makes it expand when it reaches the freezing point. Pipes that are exposed to freezing temperatures are likely to freeze and then break.

Many homes have exposed pipes that are likely to suffer from cold temperatures. Pipes that are in the most danger of freezing and breaking are:

  • Swimming pool lines
  • Water sprinkler lines
  • Hose bibs
  • Water supply lines for a home, workshop, and barns
  • Pipes running along exterior walls
  • Pipes under kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Pipes that are in crawl spaces and attics

When a pipe breaks, homeowners are left scrambling to get it fixed. This means they will likely need to use one of the 24 hr plumbers Jacksonville residents have grown to trust, like Fenwick Plumbing.

Preventing Expensive Repairs

In order to prevent having to hire 24 hr plumbers Jacksonville homeowners can insulate their pipes and be prepared for cooler temperatures. While weather stations provide accurate weather predictions most of the time, they can often be wrong. This means homeowners should always be ready for freezing temperatures in the winter months. By following the suggestions of professional plumbers, homeowners can do their part to avoid costly pipe repairs.

Dealing with a broken pipe is not fun, no matter what time of the year it breaks. Often, pipes break under a home’s foundation or in other hard to reach places. If not detected, these broken pipes can cause severe damage to a home. Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t realize that they have a broken pipe until it’s too late.

Homeowners have many maintenance tasks to keep up with, and their plumbing is one of the important ones. By learning about how to keep your plumbing from freezing through tips from 24 hr plumbers Jacksonville homeowners are learning how to prevent and detect broken pipes and are able to save a ton of money on repairs. A good way to keep up with maintenance is to have a handy list of numbers of contractors, plumbers, and other providers of home repairs and maintenance tasks.

Things Homeowners can do to Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Homeowners will find several helpful tips that can help them protect their home’s plumbing from winter weather. Most of these tips are easy to perform and most can be done inexpensively. Compared to the cost of repairing pipes, the investment made in insulation and other products is far less than a plumber’s fee.

Some of the most commonly recommended preventative measures:

  • Remove outdoor hoses and drain them.
  • Close inside water valves that supply water to hose bibs.
  • Drain water from sprinkler and pool supply water lines.
  • Turn outside water valves on so the water can expand without freezing pipes.
  • Search for and insulate water supply lines that are located in unheated areas, such as crawl spaces, garages, attics and around the exterior of the home.
  • Invest in UL-listed heated tape or heated cables that wrap around pipes and keep them warm.
  • Use foam pipe insulation wrap on all exposed water lines.
  • Open cabinet doors to allow warm air to flow around inside pipes.
  • Leave water faucets on at a trickle to allow water to flow and not freeze.

These tips and others ,such as keeping a home’s temperature around 55 degrees will help prevent pipes from freezing. Keeping doors shut and sealed tightly from drafts will also help, especially in a garage. Though taking these measures helps prevent frozen pipes, there is always the possibility that pipes may freeze.

It is important to know how to deal with frozen pipes before the issue arrives. Detecting a frozen pipe will not be hard to do. Generally a frozen pipe will be discovered when water will not flow above a trickle through faucets. Wrapping heat tapes or defrosting the pipe with a blow dryer or space heater is the fastest way to thaw a frozen pipe. This method generally works quickly.

In the event that a pipe is inaccessible, it may be best to contact one of the 24 hr plumbers Jacksonville homeowners have on their contact lists for maintenance providers. Many homeowners find that having an inspection done by a professional plumber before the winter months set in can help them locate potential problems and be prepared.