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Want to upgrade the look of your bathroom, but you aren't sure where to start? Start here at Bill Fenwick Plumbing! Our team of design and renovation experts offers the tools and creative insight to give you a bathroom right out of a magazine!

Bill Fenwick Plumbing, Inc. will take care of the project from start to finish, including the customer. We take care to insure that not only is the plumbing portion of the remodel is done but we also take care of the electrical , drywall, sheetrock, tile and any painting that needs to be completed. We staff an interior designer to help design or plan your remodel and help select the best designs for your remodel. We are truly the one-stop shop for bathroom remodels.

Is it Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Does your bathroom look like it is stuck back in the Age of Aquarius? Is there a big ring of rust around the drain in your bathtub? Have you been trying to figure out how to get rid of that awful blue and white striped wallpaper? Any of those situations and dozen more might be a good indication that it is time to remodel your bathroom.

Remodeling a bathroom is probably one of the smartest home improvement projects a homeowner can choose to undertake.

On a personal level, your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your entire house. You spend a lot of time in there showering, getting ready for work and taking care of all you basic hygiene needs, Whether you are unwinding from a long day in a warm bubble bath or curling your hair for a big date, you want to be in a place that looks good and is also very functional.

On the financial side, it can be fairly expensive for a major overhaul of an outdated bathroom. A good plumbing company can do everything from replace your old tub with a brand new Jacuzzi tub to install new fixtures and cabinets. You may want to replace the linoleum floor with ceramic tile and add a separate shower stall. All of the money you spend will not go to waste. When you decide to sell your house, your house will be worth more because of your new bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling does not have to cost a fortune.

If your toilet and tub are in good shape, you can make a big difference by doing some smaller improvements. Consider changing your faucets and shower head to something more modern. Maybe install some new lighting. A new shower curtain and some bright towels will enhance the decor. To get the job done as economically as possible, call in a plumbing company for all the hard work and do the rest yourself.

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