Tankless Water Heater Maintenance in Nocatee, FL

If you’ve taken the initiative to move to a tankless water heater, you made the right choice. Now, taking care of one of these systems is a bit different than your standard tank. The following is a guide to tankless water heater maintenance that Nocatee, FL residents have utilized. The two things you can do to keep your tankless water heater in good shape are cleaning the cold water filter and de-scaling the interior of the tank. These are not extremely technical procedures, but if you aren’t completely comfortable with doing them, you should call the specialist at Bill Fenwick Plumbing for tankless water heater maintenance in Nocatee, FL. Before you start any procedure, you need to isolate the tankless water heater from the water system. Turn off the gas to the unit by turning the T-valve to a position perpendicular to the gas line. This is the off position. Next, shut off the inlet and outlet valves for hot and cold water. Be careful – there may still be very hot water in the pipes when you open them up. Wearing protective gloves is highly recommended. Cleaning the filter will take all of about 10 minutes from the initial gas shut off to the reassembly and gas turn on. The filter is usually housed at a right angle from the main cold water inlet (usually a black extension). Unscrew the filter by hand and check the mesh. If it is dirty, run it under cold water to clear out the debris. If there is rust or calcium build up, use a commercial cleaner like CLR or Lime Away to clean it. Replace the filter and turn the shut-offs back on. De-scaling is a bit more labor intensive. Shut off everything as you did for the filter cleaning. Next, remove the valve caps at the water hose connections. Â Connect a hose to each side of the heater (6 feet or shorter is preferable). Run vinegar through the hose to fill the heater. Let it sit for about an hour. Then flush the system into a 5 gallon bucket with cold water. Reconnect the hoses and you’re done. For regular tankless water heater maintenance needs in Nocatee FL, Bill Fenwick Plumbing offers maintenance agreements and emergency plumbing solutions. For more information on tankless water heater maintenance Nocatee, FL, contact the professionals at Bill Fenwick Plumbing. We can help you set up a new tankless system or handle maintenance on your old one.
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