Plumbing problems are often foreseeable, and you may not be able to recognize the danger of some standard household objects. When trying to protect your toilet from getting clogged, especially in households with children, you may want to keep the toilet seat down or the bathroom door closed entirely. There are many very unexpected items that could potentially be placed in the toilet and lead to a clog.

Too Much Toilet Paper

Above all, the most common type of toilet clog is caused by too much toilet paper. Many people get into the habit of using more toilet paper than they truly need. The next time you use the toilet, you should make sure to only use as much toilet paper as is necessary. Not only will this allow you to avoid calling for emergency plumbing in your Jacksonville FL home, but it will also help the environment. Once you build up the habit of using only as much toilet paper as you need, you’ll find that it becomes natural.

Toys, Especially Soft Toys

If you have a child at home, you know that it’s almost impossible to control what they do with their toys. Many children will be fascinated with the toilet and may even stuff toys down it, leading to a need for emergency plumbing in Jacksonville FL. To avoid this, you may want to ensure that your child’s toys are not large enough to fit in the bowl. You can also have a talk with your child regarding appropriate behavior in the bathroom. When using the bathroom, especially if you have a small child, you might want to visually inspect the toilet beforehand to ensure that nothing is stuck inside of the pipe.

Baby Wipes

More akin to a paper towel, baby wipes can easily clog a toilet if they are flushed in large amounts. When using baby wipes, whether for yourself or the baby, you should make sure to only use one or two wipes at a time and to never flush an amount greater than that. There are also special wipes that are designed to be more easily flushed and aren’t usually significantly more expensive. If you have used a large amount of baby wipes, such as when changing your baby, it’s better for you to dispose of the wipes within a plastic bag in your trash can rather than flushing them down the toilet.

Paper Towels

When cleaning the bathroom, it can become natural to throw paper towels in the toilet rather than the waste basket. Unfortunately, this is a very easy way to clog your toilet. You should never toss paper towels into your toilet. If your paper towels are soiled, you can instead place them in a plastic bag and then place the plastic bag in your bin or throw it out in a dumpster immediately. For a more environmentally friendly solution, you might even consider using rags or sponges in place of paper towels.

Silt and Dust

Many people, especially those that have traditional mops, will empty out their mop bucket into the toilet rather than anywhere else. This allows them to dispose of soiled water in a sanitary way, but it’s very bad for the toilet. When you are emptying out a mop bucket or other dirty water, it’s best that you throw it outside or down a gutter rather than putting it in your toilet. Eventually, you could be looking at an expensive blockage that will require the services of emergency plumbing in Jacksonville FL.

Feminine Products

Feminine pads and tampons are one of the leading causes of emergency plumbing in Jacksonville FL. Pads and even liners are not, in any way, meant to go down in a drain. They are meant to be folded up and placed in a waste basket. Tampons are a little more complex. There are some forms of tampons that are made to be flushed and others that cannot be. However, even the tampons that can be flushed should be flushed separately rather than with toilet paper. Otherwise, the toilet paper and the tampon could get tangled together and create a clog.

Any time you have an issue with your plumbing, it’s important to address it quickly. Otherwise, you could be looking at more damage to your pipes and to your home.