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Water Heater Repair Services in Jacksonville, Florida

From showering to doing the dishes, hot water is an essential part of our daily lives. When your home’s water heater isn’t working, your family’s comfort is on the line. Bill Fenwick Plumbing offers gas water heater installation and repair services in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida.

Common Hot Water Heater Issues

Unlit Burner or Pilot Light Going Out

When your burner or the pilot light has problems, the gas water heater’s thermocouple may be to blame. This safety sensor regulates the flow of gas and controls flow from the gas supply valve. When the thermocouple is not working, the gas will shut off and leave your home without hot water. When this device is replaced, the burner and pilot will begin working again. Bill Fenwick Plumbing is able to repair or replace the thermocouple on your gas water heater. Our team offers gas water heater repair and installation services near you in Jacksonville, Florida.

Lack of Hot Water

No hot water usually means the pilot light is out, or the gas supply is off on the gas water heater. Never attempt to DIY a gas line issue! Only a professional should check gas lines. If your water heater isn’t producing hot water, call your Fenwick team to check it out. We also offer tankless water heater installation and repair services for households that do not have traditional gas water heaters.

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Low Hot Water Supply

If you notice a lack of hot water, try checking the thermostat on your gas water heater. Remember, the Department of Energy recommends having your water heater set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent hot water burns. If your hot water hot water supply is low after checking your thermostat, schedule a gas water heater installation and repair appointment for your home in Jacksonville, Florida.

Increased Gas Bill

Has your gas bill increased? Inefficient gas use can be a sign your gas water heater may need to be replaced. As water heaters age, their efficiency can suffer. Newer water heaters are built with higher efficiency ratings and may help reduce the cost of your monthly gas bill.

Odd Noises

Typically, water heaters only emit a soft hum. A noisy water heater can be a cause for concern. If your gas water heater is making a clicking noise, draining it may help. Water heaters naturally build up sediment at the bottom of their tanks. Flushing the system yearly can reduce buildup and eliminate the clicking noise. If you need help draining your water heater, or if the noises continue, call the team at Bill Fenwick Plumbing.

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When you spot a leak, don’t delay contacting a professional! When a water heater begins to corrode, water can leak and cause flooding. A leaky water heater requires immediate attention and usually means it’s time for a replacement. Bill Fenwick Plumbing offers gas water heater repair and installation services for homes in Jacksonville, Florida and other areas. We also offer other plumbing services such as water line repair, drain cleaning, water softener installation, and backflow inspections.

Age of Gas Water Heater System

The age of your gas water heater can play a role in deciding whether to perform a gas water heater installation or repair in your home. Depending on usage and maintenance, the average lifespan of a gas water heater is 10-15 years. If your water heater is more than ten years old and experiencing any of the above issues, it may be time for a replacement.

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Don’t let a broken water heater ruin your mornings! If your gas water heater has stopped working, or you’re experiencing a subpar performance, contact our team today at (904) 724-2455 or schedule an appointment online. Our team also offers other plumbing solutions such as toilet repair, garbage disposal repair, and sink installation. Give us a call by phone or submit a request on our website to receive assistance.

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