Signs You May Need to Repipe Your House

No plumbing device is invincible, and even the safest, most durable pipe systems will eventually break down. While it is often possible to shore up broken plumbing with minor repairs, the longer you have had your pipes, the greater the chance that they are too severely damaged for repairs to work. When this occurs, our professional technicians recommend repiping a house. If this is not an option, you should at the very least consider replacing large portions of your plumbing system with new pipes. Learn more about the most common signs that may indicate its time to repipe a house.

Signs Your Home Needs New Pipes

The key to effectively repiping a house is to identify compromised pipes early and replace them as soon as possible. To do this, watch out for:

Discolored Water May Indicate Rusty Pipes

If the water in your home has become brown, red, or otherwise discolored, it’s a sign that the pipes have gotten rusty or moldy. When you notice this, stop drinking or bathing in the water immediately, as it is likely contaminated. We recommend repiping your house in each of the affected area.

Low or Inconsistent Water Pressure From Misshapen Pipes

Another sign it’s time to repipe a house includes broken or misshapen pipes. These issues can lead to wild swings in water pressure or to a gradual reduction in pressure. Not only is this inconvenient in the short term, but it means that there is water building up in many of your pipes, increasing the risk of rust or mold.

Weird Tasting Tap Water from Rust & Mold

Rust and mold change the taste of your water, as do minerals that get into it. Any sudden change in taste is a sign it’s time to consider repiping your house. Stop drinking your tap water until you have the pipes inspected by an emergency plumber at Bill Fenwick Plumbing. Give us a call by phone at (904) 724-2455 or schedule an appointment on our website to receive help with a repiping issue.

Frequent Leaks & Clogs

The occasional leak or clog is normal, but if your pipes are frequently springing leaks or getting backed up, it’s a sign that they damaged. Repiping your home is the only way to reliably put a stop to persistent clogging and leaking.

Mold Growth on Water & Sewer Pipes

Even if you have not noticed any water quality or pressure problems, keep an eye out for mold that forms near pipes. Small leaks can cause mold growth by spreading moisture in otherwise dry areas of your home without having a noticeable impact on water pressure. While such leaks can usually be fixed with minor plumbing repairs, if they happen in multiple parts of your home, you may need to perform a repiping project,

These and other problems aren’t just inconvenient; they’re a threat to your health and safety! It is thus critical to respond quickly by scheduling a repiping appointment with our team. Get an inspection as soon as possible, and if your pipes are severely damaged, don’t hesitate to replace them.

How to Find a Reliable Repiping Technician in Florida

Repiping a house has the potential to improve the health and safety of your plumbing system dramatically, but only if it’s done right. For this reason, look for a plumber that:

Offers a Large Catalog of Piping Materials

Carries a variety of pipes. Many of the new piping materials available have longer warranties. CPVC is the most common piping used in the Jacksonville area. PEX is another new type of piping commonly installed today. Uponor and Viega are two manufacturers of PEX that Bill Fenwick Plumbing uses. They both provide warranties for their product for 25 years. They also offer warranty for any damage a leak may cause for the first 10 years. These factors help plumbers choose what materials to use for your particular home.

Is Experienced

Has extensive experience with repiping in your area. Only experienced local plumbers can anticipate mineral content, water sources, and other factors that affect the type of pipes they should choose.

Provides Accurate Piping Inspection Services

Offers comprehensive inspections to determine exactly what is wrong with your pipes and how to prevent such issues from arising again in the future.

Trustworthy Repiping Services in Florida

Bill Fenwick Plumbing offers repiping services in Jacksonville and other areas of Florida for water lines and gas pipes. Our team has been providing reliable, safe, and affordable plumbing services to Northeast Florida since 1969. Give us a call by phone at (904) 724-2455 or fill out our Contact Form to receive assistance with a repiping or plumbing project.

Reliable Repiping Services in Jacksonville, Florida

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